Video Surveillance

Our wide range of commercial video surveillance (CCTV) offerings allow you to view what is happening on your property at all times, with live stream footage accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Your video surveillance system may consist of one or hundreds of cameras, depending on the specific needs of your commercial residence. We work with businesses in Indianapolis and surrounding areas to design and install a brand new video surveillance system, or work within your existing infrastructure to upgrade your system with new technology and new high definition cameras. 

Valuable Expertise

Security Force provides guidance and expertise to help you choose the right video surveillance products for your business. Our team will install your security cameras strategically to ensure maximum visibility of your property. We also install cameras overtly as a way to deter crime.

Professional Integration

As a professional security integrator, Security Force can integrate your video surveillance system with your other existing security systems, including your commercial alarm system. Video surveillance and alarm system integration will enable video verification of alarm notifications and reduce false alarms.

Video Surveillance Products and Services

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Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

Your video surveillance system may consist of indoor, outdoor, or both types of security cameras, depending on your business property and security needs. All of our security cameras are vandal resistant and can withstand harsh weather environments

Security camera capabilities include
• AI Analytics
• Facial recognition
• Smart search
• License plate search and tracking
•Low light conditions
• No light conditions
• Mobile app capabilities
• Local and cloud recording
• And more
Security camera capabilities include
•Thermal cameras are the right solution when you have an expansive area to cover with poor lighting, such as an open field or large warehouse.

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Proactive video surveillance monitoring

We offer proactive video surveillance monitoring services to give you peace of mind that your commercial security system is protecting your employees and assets.
• We can implement proprietary AI technology (AI software that automatically verifies that your video evidence is available and of the highest quality) to protect your security camera footage from being compromised due to camera problems, without the need for a person to manually review footage.

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Construction site monitoring

Integrating your video surveillance system with your alarm system will allow you to monitor your construction site after hours. Solar powered camera units are available for job sites with no commercial power available.
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Utilizing drones for commercial property surveillance will allow you to reallocate human capital and enable your security guards to focus on more important tasks.
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Video Surveillance brands we sell include Axis Communications, Digital Watchdog, Hanwha, InVid, Paxton and Turing.

Security Force can design, install and monitor the commercial video surveillance system your business needs.