Access Control

Our commercial access control solutions allow you to take full control of your facility from anywhere in the world, because access control is more than just locking and unlocking doors. It’s about allowing the right people in and keeping the wrong people out in order to protect your people and your assets. Security Force helps businesses throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas achieve this protection with our guidance and expertise, in conjunction with quality products and services. All of our commercial security systems can be accessed conveniently from a mobile device for management, reporting and programming purposes.

High Quality Security

Security Force installs only the highest quality security products that you can depend on. All of our commercial access control products are FIPS compliant and meet the AES 128 standard, and all credentials and communication are encrypted. We only sell high security credentials, which means they cannot be copied or cloned. 

Access Control Products and Services

Security Force commercial security commercial access control card reader

Card Readers

A physical fob/card or mobile credentials on a mobile device will allow building access to the right people and deny access to the wrong people.

commercial access control card reader

Electrified locks

When you switch out your brass key locks for electrified locks/key fobs, and never deal with the expense and hassle of a lost key again.

commercial access control turnstile

Turnstiles and optical turnstiles

Turnstiles are the appropriate solution when you need to control access to your building and have a high volume of people entering. They will allow you to achieve control and an efficient entry process without delaying ingress.

commercial access control keypad security device


One of the latest advancements in security technology is biometrics. By incorporating fingerprint, facial and iris scanning technology, you will significantly enhance the security of your premises. These biometric features offer a higher level of accuracy, as they are unique to each individual, and prevent unauthorized access.

commercial access control commercial intercom

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication will strengthen your security measures by adding an additional layer of protection. This means that access requires both a physical item, such as a card or fob, and knowledge of a password, pin or code.

Access Control brands we sell include Pro DataKey (PDK), ICT, Paxton, and more.

Protect your business with a commercial Access Control system.