A commercial intercom system is an essential part of many commercial security systems for small and large businesses, alike. Commercial intercoms provide two way communication in audio and video form to verify who is at the entrance of your property, and determine if access should be granted. Security Force understands the importance of both effective communication and high security, and will guide you through the process of selecting the right commercial intercom to accomplish both for your business. With fully customizable options, we design and install the best intercom solutions for businesses in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Professional Integration

As a professional security integrator, we can integrate your commercial intercom system with your video surveillance system and/or access control system. This enables you to not only speak to whomever is at the entrance of your property, but also see them, and make important security decisions, such as locking and unlocking doors. All of these actions can be taken from a physical reception or security desk, or remotely from a mobile app, anywhere, at any time.

Intercom Products and Services

Security Force commercial security intercom

Commercial Intercoms

We sell a wide variety of commercial intercom products, which allow for efficient communication between two different stations (from one or multiple doors to one or multiple desks).
Intercoms can be:
• Audio only, video only, or both.
• Wired or wireless.Weather resistant. 
• Communication from your intercom can be sent to a mobile app or a desk station.
• Emergency paging capabilities are available for your intercom system.

Commercial Intercom Emergency call stations

Emergency Call Stations

Emergency call stations provide a reliable means to call for help when danger is imminent. We sell and install emergency call stations from brands such as Code Blue, Viking and Door King.

Intercom brands we sell include Aiphone, Mircom, ICT, Linear, Door King and Viking.

Select the right commercial intercom system for your business.