Intrusion Alarms

A commercial intrusion alarm system is a vital part of protecting your employees and your property from criminal and environmental threats, such as intruders, burglars, fires, and more. With the right alarm products and solutions, you can mitigate many risks to your business. Security Force designs and installs custom commercial alarm systems in the greater Indianapolis area that address your business’ unique security needs and give you confidence in the safety of your greatest assets.

Mobile Accessibility

With the convenience of a mobile app, you can control your commercial intrusion alarm system from anywhere, making the security of your business a seamless part of your work day. Professional integration of your alarm system and video surveillance system will allow you to verify alarm notifications via video footage, and reduce false alarms. 

Alarm System Monitoring

In addition to designing and installing commercial intrusion alarm systems, we also provide 24/7 monitoring services. With Security Force, you will get reliable, in-facility monitoring, which means that anyone who answers your call is stationed at a monitoring facility, not at home or another remote location. Our monitoring stations are UL listed, meaning we have multiple, fully redundant sites that can handle the full workload of all sites.

Alarm Products and Services

commercial intrusion alarms mobile view of mobile sensor

Motion sensors, door contacts, window contacts and glass break sensors

Your custom commercial alarm system will consist of some, or all, of these elements, depending on the nature of your business and your building.

Commercial Intrusion alarm house on fire with fireman and hose

Environmental sensors

Our environmental monitoring products and services include CO2 detection, smoke detection, flood detection, freeze detection, pipe sensors, and more. You will be notified when one of these factors becomes a threat to your employees and your property.

commercial intrusion alarm high security sensor

Encrypted, high security sensors

In addition to basic security sensors, we also offer encrypted, high security sensors, which prevent other pieces of equipment from detecting or decoding the signal from the sensor.

commercial video surveillance commercial intrusion alarms construction monitoring

Construction site monitoring

Integrating your video surveillance system with your alarm system allows you to monitor your construction site and protect your property during and after hours.

Alarm System brands we sell include 2Gig, Qolsys, Honeywell, and ICT.

gain the peace of mind that only a commercial Intrusion alarm system can provide.