Multi-Room Audio

Multi-room audio is one of the fastest growing trends in home technology. Each room in your home will be separated from the rest, giving you and your family the freedom to choose what you want to listen to and at what volume, without disturbing anyone else. Personalize the sound in every room with user friendly keypads that let you turn music on or off and set the volume. Music from your CD collection, radio, DVD, MP3 can be distributed to any room in your home customizing to your individual taste in music.

Advantages for multi room audio

  • Zone control allowing different audio to be enjoyed in different locations simultaneously.
  • Fully integrated with your Has Hub tv distribution system to allow selection of audio from your tv.
  • Your full collection of music can be stored on a server and distributed throughout the home.
  • Use of the internet to access and down load latest music.
  • All hardware is located in a discrete location.