Intercom Surveillance

A video intercom, by itself or as a part of a home security system, is both very effective and a cost efficient way to add a strong layer of safety to your home. A home surveillance system is another great way to keep an eye on your loved ones, and also keep them safe.

The ability to identify a visitor before allowing them access to your home is a basic home security need for many individuals and families. And using an inexpensive home intercom to determine the trustworthiness of that visitor can be just as important for your safety as the other elements of your security system.

This makes a video intercom system especially valuable to those who might be most vulnerable:

  • the elderly
  • children who may be alone without parents for periods of time, such as after school
  • women who live alone, or who may be alone for long periods of time
  • the disabled, those with a debilitating illness

 A video Intercom is very affordable, and offers the tremendous enhancement to your home security system. Imagine the security provided by these folks by never having to open the front door to a total stranger!