Central Vacuum

A central vacuum system provides your home with a much stronger cleaning source, eliminating many allergens left behind by conventional vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Devil® central vacuums feature Cyclonic Filtration Technology (CFT) which ensures sustained cleaning throughout your home. This technology provides your home with a powerful, quiet system that will eliminate dust, dirt, and allergens. Attachments will help you easily clean all of your home's surfaces, from ceilings to floors and everything in between, creating a healthier, cleaner home.


Down with dustpans! The Dirt Devil® VacPan™ gives you clean-up convenience in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas.

Connect and clean – it's that simple.

With Dirt Devil's Hide-A-Hose system you can have as few as 2 vacuum inlets in a 2,500 sq ft house. The trick is that instead of a 30' hose that you would normally drag around to each inlet as well as the heavy vacuum unit itself; now there is 50' feet of hose at each inlet that is hidden in the wall, and the vacuum unit itself is turbine powered, using the vacuum suction for power instead of having to be plugged in.

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Hide-A-Hose makes your central vacuum system more convenient. You'll never have to move or store bulky hoses again. Up to 50 feet of hose are concealed within the wall until you need it. The sustained airflow and vacuum power of Dirt Devil®'s Cyclonic Filtration Technology® (CFT™) automatically retracts the hose when you're finished vacuuming.

  1. The vacuum hose is stored inside the wall, enclosed within the system's vacuum tubing when not in use.
  2. Pull out the length of hose you need, connect the remote-controlled handle and begin vacuuming. One 50 foot hose can cover 1,800– 2,200 square feet.
  3. When you finish, the suction from your Dirt Devil® power unit pulls the hose back into the wall and out of sight. Then you simply carry your handle to the next inlet and repeat the process.

Busy homeowners everywhere– meet Vroom, a quick-clean appliance that solves life's daily cleaning dilemmas.

 It's small, powerful and hides in cabinets or under counters. Vroom cleans up a mess in less time than it takes to find a broom. It's always there, always convenient and automatically turns on when you need it. Reaches out 24' to clean almost any daily mess off counters, floors, drawers and around appliances.